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A laser focus on helping our fixed income broker-dealer clients do more riskless business

Today there are many bond market participants suggesting that the traditional dealer led market needs to change completely. We respectfully disagree. The market is filled with “visionaries” who want to re-imagine the bond market without the primacy of dealers, replacing you with all-to-all or buy-side only systems. The message they are espousing is that dealers don’t provide much value to the market. To which we say - “Nonsense!”

It is true that dealers as a whole have less balance sheet to facilitate trades. But why does this require a dramatic change in market structure? After all, balance sheet is largely used to warehouse bonds on their way from one client to another. By reducing the need to warehouse bonds, or by closing out unwanted positions, the market can remain dealer centric, just using less balance sheet. The key is to leverage existing information to increase riskless and risk reducing business while preserving the existing dealer-centric market structure.

Codestreet has spent 10 years helping fixed income broker-dealers do more traditional riskless and risk-reducing business with their buy-side clients. We exploit the network effect across your desk to find the other side of the trade using technology, allowing you to do more riskless/risk reducing trades while minimizing the need to deploy capital.

We have a proven track record on dozens of trading desks at both large and small firms with over 81% of all users claiming that Codestreet enables them to do more riskless trades every month.

Experience Matters

Members of the Codestreet team have been instrumental in building the most successful fixed income trading platforms to date and our systems have incorporated feedback from hundreds of traders and salespeople over the past decade. Our customers in return are glowing in their praise for the system.

"Teamwork is so valuable that we will not pay sales credit to a salesperson unless they are capturing their client inquiries in the system." - HEAD OF FI SALES & TRADING

Codestreet maximizes your ability to do more riskless business by helping find trades both across your desk and with other dealers. Our patented approach for finding the other side of the trade allows you to find liquidity in the street without giving up your hand. The result is dramatically more riskless/risk-reducing business for the dealer community, less need to warehouse bonds and no change in market structure.

While other technology vendors have spent the past 10+ years shrinking your margins and putting you in competition, Codestreet has been relentlessly focused on helping you do business the way you want.

Preserving a Dealer Centric Market Structure

Our solutions complement traditional activities on the sell-side trading desk. Instead of changing the way you work, we help you do the same things you have always done, only better. Our solutions work together, with the composite effect of dramatically improving the level of service firms can provide, catapulting our customers - from a technology perspective - into being industry leading firms, while allowing them to retain the people focused aspect of their businesses.

We help our customers enhance the following areas of their business:

Empower TRADERS with CodeStreet Teamwork™: Identify opportunities to trade in the street. Easily manage axes and pricing updates. Automatically publish to sales and electronic trading venues. Quickly identify overlooked trading opportunities. .

Empower SALESPEOPLE with CodeStreet Teamwork™: Capture and share inquiry across the desk. Match trading desk situations to customer holdings, past inquiries and trades. Be presented with trading opportunities. Ensure compliance with SEC requirements to capture order activity.

Empower MANAGERS with CodeStreet CRM+™: Manage account coverage and track account productivity. Analyze trade history. Manage regulatory requirements. Maintain a single golden source of all account data.

Empower RESEARCH ANALYSTS with CodeStreet Market Data Integrator™: Publish Excel and research and analysis pieces to Bloomberg in real-time for viewing by the entire Bloomberg community.

Empower E-COMMERCE TEAMS with CodeStreet Market Data Integrator™: Easily publish trading desk axes and pricing data directly into Bloomberg and other venues.

Empower MARKET DATA and IT TEAMS with CodeStreet Market Data Works™ and ReplayService™: Reduce development and QA costs by simulating market data platforms and making market data scenarios available on demand.

In our role as technology champion of the fixed income broker-dealer community, CodeStreet understands that even the most powerful software is wasted unless it is simple to use and designed for the capabilities and needs of the average user. With a slavish attention to simplicity and elegance, CodeStreet solutions are all category-defining, providing unique and compelling functionality. But why take our word for it. Why not call your friends who are working at firms already using CodeStreet products and hear how much they like them.

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Codestreet's singular mission is to empower fixed income sales and trading.

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