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As all flow traders know, you have to work closely with your sales force if you are going to maximize revenues on the desk. Traditionally, the interaction of traders with the sales force has been a combination of voice and Bloomberg messaging. This leads to a lot of information being lost or overlooked, which leads to a lot of business being overlooked.

CodeStreet has worked to solve this problem and is rapidly becoming an industry-wide facility on the sell-side fixed income trading desk because our software helps do more trades by exposing previously overlooked trading opportunities.

Teamwork: A system built for you, the fixed income trader

Dedicated to servicing the sell-side fixed-income community, CodeStreet is the first software vendor in step with the traditional - and time-proven - process of phone- and Bloomberg-based sales you perform every day.

Teamwork™, CodeStreet's flagship hosted service, slots right in alongside what you already do. It just makes things easier. Instead of having to answer the same questions about price and positions again and again, you have an interface that allows you to capture all your situations and share them with your salesforce in real-time. You can see all your situations in an aggregated view and from there you can create your runs and Bloomberg messages with the click of a button. You can also send your offerings to electronic venues such as ALLQ without having to perform duplicate entry.

Teamwork also helps create ideas with which to drive the salesforce. By processing all the information on the desk, Teamwork is able to help identify and prioritize trading opportunities that you can use to direct your salesforce.

Salespeople also work with Teamwork - using a different interface - and they use it to submit their customer inquiry to you. That way you can keep track of all inquiries and relate them to the situations you are managing and be prompted when that inquiry is relevant to something you are doing.

From the moment it's added to your desktop, Teamwork begins to deliver the ideas and matches that you can turn into trades. An intuitive graphical interface organizes information in the way you would expect, because Teamwork was designed by iterating with traders until it was completely intuitive.

In our user surveys, 83% of Teamwork users claimed to be doing more trades because of Teamwork. That's on desks that have historically been highly averse to adopting new technology.

So why not call your friends who are working at firms already using Teamwork and hear how much they like it. They'll tell you it's the first time they have ever seen technology that works for them!

To find out more, please contact or call (646) 442-2800.

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