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Teamwork for Fixed Income

A Laser Focus on Growing Riskless Business in Fixed Income

Codestreet is helping the fixed income broker-dealer community respond to the changing fixed income landscape by enabling trading desks to do significantly more riskless and risk reducing business.

Dozens of banks and broker-dealers in both the US and Europe already leverage the Codestreet platform to help them turn over their balance sheet with significantly greater velocity, allowing them to maximize every trading and client facing opportunity and better service their customers.

With options to run the software as either a hosted service or behind your own firewall, Codestreet accommodates the needs of the largest multi-national global banks to the smallest broker-dealer members of the trading community.

Experience Matters

Unlike more recent entrants into this marketplace, Codestreet has more than ten years of experience helping our fixed income dealer clients do more riskless business by using their own data to exploit every possible matching opportunity.We have a proven track record with over 81% of all users claiming that Codestreet enables them to do more trades every month.

Members of the Codestreet team have been instrumental in building the most successful fixed income trading platforms to date and our systems have incorporated feedback from hundreds of traders and salespeople over the past decade. Our customers in return are glowing in their praise for the system.

"Teamwork is the single biggest contributor to our productivity on the desk. Not only does it add revenue, but without it, we would be at a clear competitive disadvantage to CodeStreet's other customers." - HEAD OF CREDIT SALES

How does Codestreet Teamwork work?

Imagine a world where every salesperson knows exactly which of his customers would be interested in each of the trading desk's positions and client orders. Where traders never forget customer inquiries and everyone keeps track of every customer's holdings and recent trades. Where it takes seconds to create detailed, personalized sales messages tailored for even the most demanding clients. You can stop imagining. CodeStreet's Teamwork™ already does this today at many of your peers.

An exclusive focus on helping the fixed income broker dealer community respond to market challenges

Teamwork aggregates all the information on the credit desk - but raw data alone doesn't help you make the right connections. That's why Teamwork uses software algorithms to replicate and accelerate what good traders and salespeople have always done: synthesize available information into valuable trades. In the illiquid world of fixed income, where its not always possible to find willing buyers and sellers of a given security at the same time, Teamwork exposes opportunities to cross similar bonds that meet a client's loosely defined criteria.

Voice inquiries are a key part of the business

Teamwork replaces scratch pads and human memory with an integrated system for entering, publishing, and tracking client inquires. Salespeople are newly empowered by the knowledge that their inquiries won't be ignored or forgotten. The software works those inquiries continuously, as if every salesperson and every trader were spending their entire day working every other salesperson's inquiries.

Intelligent identification of trade opportunities

Teamwork continuously monitors desk axes, inventory, client holdings, historical trades, and client inquiries to identify intersections likely to be trade opportunities. This means that traders and salespeople are instantly notified when their interests align. By recognizing such "matches", as well as more complex relationships between client objectives, Teamwork delivers a steady stream of potential trades.

We find trading opportunities both across your desk and across the dealer community

While Teamwork searches for opportunities to cross bonds on your desk, it will also help you identify opportunities to trade with other dealers without giving up your hand, providing the broker-dealer community with a virtual balance sheet. This is just one more way Codestreet remains laser focused on helping the fixed income dealer community do more riskless business. The dealer community is our focused customer base and we aim to serve their interests exclusively, unlike other proposed platforms that have their own "vision" for how the market needs to work.

Highly sophisticated and intelligent platform

Typical desktop software provides little more than screens filled with numbers, forcing users to waste precious time extracting relevant information. Teamwork is different.

It tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it

Teamwork is a storehouse of information from which you can still always "pull" what you need. Unlike other systems, it also "pushes" important tradeable information to uncover trade opportunities.

It understands what your customers want

With the advent of electronic execution, the phone and Bloomberg based sales process is, more than ever, about delivering unique value to buy-side clients. Teamwork's search, advanced filtering and Bloomberg integration allow salespeople to always disseminate the most relevant information to each buyside account.

It's on even when it's off

Even users who are not logged into Teamwork continue to receive messages alerting them to trade opportunities. Teamwork ensures that all important information and ideas are communicated no matter what. With Teamwork, you are never out of the loop!

Key Features evolved through the feedback of hundreds of users:

  • Inter-dealer liquidity opportunities that don't expose your hand
  • Real-time trading desk inventory publishing system
  • Customized inventory list creation and distribution tools
  • Customer inquiry system
  • Real-time TRACE prints
  • Customer portfolio system
  • Historical trade data extracted from Bloomberg TOMS and other platforms
  • Matching engine that identifies all possible trading opportunities
  • Automated messages with personalized trading opportunities
  • Benefits

  • Increases velocity of balance sheet turnover
  • Access to street liquidity without disclosing your hand
  • Helps prioritize sales calls
  • Creates "smarter" salespeople
  • Improves client relationships
  • Improves institutional memory
  • Generates more trades
  • Increases profitability
  • Implementation is quick and simple

  • Available as a monthly hosted subscription service or deployed on your firm's hardware and local area network (LAN)
  • You can try Codestreet with no risk and at no cost. Why commit to unknown results when you can try the proven industry leader at no risk?
  • Codestreet can have you up and running in a few weeks, benefiting from our experience in on boarding dozens of broker-dealers around the globe.
  • Proven to easily support multi-national global banks with desks distributed around the world
  • To speak with someone about Teamwork, please contact Sales at (646) 442-2800 or via email at

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