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Empowering Fixed Income Salespeople

As all salespeople know, sales is a relationship business. If technology is to be useful on the desk, it must help strengthen relationships and help do more business with those relationships. CodeStreet's Teamwork™ is unique in that it's singular purpose is to help you do more trades in the same way you have always done them. Its like having a sales assistant who notices everything, remembers everything and points out previously overlooked opportunities to make the high value call. What's not to like about that!

Because this is a relationship business, clients will always reward firms and salespeople that can provide high value guidance, genuinely useful trade ideas and quick and proactive showing of situations of possible interest. Teamwork gives you this information in an easy to use form so that you can grow your relationships by working smarter for the client.

Teamwork: A system built for you, the fixed income salesperson

Dedicated to servicing the sell-side fixed-income community, CodeStreet is the first software vendor in step with the traditional - and time-proven - process of phone- and Bloomberg-based sales you perform every day.

Teamwork, CodeStreet's flagship hosted service, slots right in alongside what you already do every day. It just makes things easier. Teamwork will not execute a single trade, replace a single sales call, or, indeed, come into the view of any of your clients on the buy-side at all. Instead of changing things, it lubricates familiar ones to produce the raw material for your best sales calls.

From the moment it's added to your desktop, Teamwork begins to deliver the ideas and matches that you can turn into trades. An intuitive graphical interface organizes information in the way you would expect, because Teamwork was designed by iterating with salespeople until it was completely intuitive.

In our user surveys, 83% of Teamwork users claimed to be doing more trades because of Teamwork. That's on desks that have historically been highly averse to adopting new technology.

So why not call your friends who are working at firms already using Teamwork and hear how much they like it. They'll tell you it's the first time they have ever seen technology that works for them!

To find out more, please contact or call (646) 442-2800.

Finally, advanced technology for fixed income salespeople that is welcomed on the desk.

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