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CodeStreet CRM+ was built to serve the unique needs of broker-dealers. This product empowers broker-dealer managers with the information they have always needed to run their businesses more efficiently. CodeStreet CRM+ is a web based solution for:

  • Managing sales account information
  • Maintaining employee records
  • Assigning sales coverage
  • Tracking historical trades and sales production for each of your customers and salespeople
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations regarding both customers and employees
  • Tracking research
  • Verifying credit relationships.

These discrete functions are integrated in a shared web-based interface optimized with intuitive reporting tools and fine-grain permissioning controls.

In addition to its core functionality, CodeStreet CRM+ solves two longstanding and recurring problems encountered by broker-dealers: poor account data quality and the inability to make changes to software quickly and efficiently to meet business needs.

Universal Account Management for Clean, Reliable Data
CodeStreet CRM+ utilizes a single 'account' record to manage otherwise haphazard data sets, ensuring quick access for all users to up-to-date, verified, and uniform information.

  • Salespeople - View sub-account, counterparty, risk, and anti-money laundering data for your customers. Track your customers' known relationships with prime brokers. Submit new customers through a simple online New Account Request tool.
  • Traders - View the same information for all firm accounts. Receive automatic email alerts when potential new accounts require approval.
  • Operations/Compliance - Account names are standardized and automatically synchronized with Bloomberg to ensure smooth trade settlement and reporting.

Complex Sales Relationships Made Transparent

  • View and assign the accounts to be covered by each salesperson.
  • Track and report sales relationships as they evolve over time.
  • Fine-tuning sales coverage at the sub-account level - limiting coverage, for instance, to particular books, product types, or buy-side contacts.

A Complete, Accurate Record of Business

  • Trading data is loaded from TOMS on a nightly basis, and can be sorted and grouped by account, salesperson, security, or book.
  • Trading data is scraped for information on the sales relationships and types of business maintained with each account.
  • Reporting system includes numerous pre-built report generators to return specific data on sales coverage and historical performance.
  • Pre-built dashboards combine multiple reports in high-level overviews of company performance that can be automatically emailed to the appropriate users.

Integrated Data Saves Costly Redundancies -- and Dangerous Inconsistencies

  • In addition to business information such as sales relationships, employee user records also include the basic biographical facts maintained by Human Resources and the legal data required by SEC, IRS, and other regulators.
  • Records also include an employee's title and official responsibilities.
  • H.R. can create sales groups based on commission rate; once a salesperson is assigned, future commission income is automatically and accurately calculated from his group's rate.
  • Users with sufficient permissions can also make manual post-trade adjustments to gross commission.

Sophisticated, Not Complicated
CodeStreet CRM+ is built on the platform, and as such, shares its menu structure and controls with the widely used Salesforce CRM tool.

  • Users can access the tool through any Web browser with no special download.
  • CodeStreet works with your technical staff and management to customize the software to your business and computing needs.

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CodeStreet CRM+ empowers broker dealer managers with the information they have always needed to run their businesses more efficiently.

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