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You have just hired a promising new salesperson. Now come the hard questions: Has your HR department received all the legally required licenses and personal data? Have we captured his compensation formula? Where do you assign his sales coverage - and will you know if there's a conflict with another employee? Where there are conflicts, can you mandate the division for shared coverage on a single account? Perhaps you should reassign the account altogether - how do you check the existing salesperson's production on the account? How do you check the other activity with that account like inquiries, visits and calls? Can you quickly make decisions based on facts or are you relying on subjective impressions to make the correct assignments?

As a manager, you face these sorts of decisions about your employees every day. To help you reach conclusions - and communicate them to the firm - you likely rely on a patchwork of third-party and custom technologies which make it difficult to get at all the information you need to make decisions. No more!

A Management Tool that Understands Fixed Income Broker Dealers

In recent years, Internet technologies have offered managers all sorts of technology options for tracking their business. Any one of them may be suited for some part of your work, but they aren't particularly useful to help you manage a fixed income trading desk. CodeStreet, being solely focused on the sell-side broker dealer community, has worked with the broker dealer community to evolve a web based management solution that addresses all of the pain points of the previous generation of systems that attempted to solve these problems.

The result is CodeStreet CRM+. Built on the cloud computing platform from standard for cloud-based services-CRM+ is as simple and efficient to use and access as opening your web browser. Yet from that browser window, CRM+ offers a sophisticated managers-eye view of all aspects of the business.

CodeStreet CRM+ handles all the common management tasks within a broker dealer:

  • Account assignment
  • Production reporting
  • Compliance
  • Salesperson Licensing
  • New Account Setup
  • Credit checks
  • Research
  • Contact information
  • Customer notes
  • Commissions and sales credits
  • What CRM+ provides is a way to look at your customers and see the data related to every dimension of your customer relationship within a single view. From T&E expenses, to trade production, to credit and AML to coverage its all there. What's more, its built with the familiar look and feel where everything is linked for easy and intuitive access.

  • Fine-grain account management. A tool for adjusting sales coverage is pointless if the decisions are blind. Not only do the account records in CRM+ display the recent production of all assigned sales people, they also show you related data such as frequency of contact and the dialog with that account. So when you make account assignments you can do it based on the facts, not intuition.
  • Human-resources management. From the same employee records used to assign accounts, you can maintain SEC required licensing, specify intricate commission schedules and monitor sales credits.
  • Detailed reporting. A set of pre-built report generators instantly return charts and graphs for the most important aspects of sales coverage and production over time. Dashboards combine multiple reports in high-level overviews of company performance that can be emailed on a regular basis to the appropriate users. Information not available in pre-built reports can be quickly user-generated and saved with's intuitive interface.
  • The Confidence of Knowing the Latest, all the Time

    Running multiple systems for different sets of data leads to degrading the data quality within those systems. Often different names are used for the same account making reconciliation difficult. With CRM+, a single golden copy of your accounts and contacts is maintained and these account details can be used to feed downstream systems such as TOMS, CodeStreet Teamwork, back office and accounting systems.

    To clean up your existing data CodeStreet will work with your technology team to:

  • Load trade history from TOMS or other Trade Capture System. This includes the historical trade record and ongoing updates.
  • Synchronize account names with Bloomberg and other systems. CRM+ continuously maintains a clean golden copy of the account names used by your firm-saving your salespeople headaches and ensuring smooth trade settlement and reporting.
  • Automate the addition of new customers. A salesperson has just signed on a new customer. Is there a seamless process for getting that new customer online? With CRM+, all the salesperson needs to do is initiate a request with the New Account Request Tool. Thereafter, a set of email driven processes is initiated to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks and people complete their tasks to expedite bringing the client on board.
  • Make the changes to the system you need when you need them:

    For all the strengths of its out-of-the-box features, CodeStreet CRM+ provides remarkable ability to customize the software to particular clients needs. Based on the same cloud computing facility as, CRM+ has the same ability to rapidly make changes to the software. This means that saving an additional field or modifying a label is now a few hours work, rather than a three-month development cycle.

    With CRM+, management now has the flexibility to get the reports and features they really want without waiting and at significantly lower cost. Add to that having clean data and workflow processes that monitor and alert on conditions of interest, its going to be a game changer for how you run your business.

    To find out more, please contact or call (646) 442-2800.

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