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CodeStreet's singular mission is to grow revenues for our fixed income broker-dealer customers

We are the leader in helping the fixed income broker-dealer community respond to the changing fixed income landscape by enabling trading desks to turn over their balance sheet with significantly greater velocity by doing more riskless business. Through the use of sophisticated algorithms and elegant software, Codestreet enables our clients to maximize every trading and client facing opportunity and better service their customers. In sync with our dealer customers, we are relentlessly focused on supporting the traditional dealer centric market structure.

Experience Matters

Codestreet has more than ten years of experience helping our fixed income dealer clients do more riskless business by using their own data to exploit every possible trading opportunity. We have a proven track record with over 81% of all users claiming that Codestreet enables them to do more riskless trades every month.

Members of the Codestreet team have been instrumental in building the most successful fixed income trading platforms to date and our systems have incorporated feedback from hundreds of traders and salespeople over the past decade. Our customers in return are glowing in their praise for the system.

"Teamwork is the single biggest contributor to our productivity on the desk. Not only does it add revenue, but without it, we would be at a clear competitive disadvantage to CodeStreet's other customers." - HEAD OF CREDIT SALES

Codestreet ensures that every possibility to cross bonds and make high value sales calls is extracted. This allows our customers to provide more liquidity and offer better ideas to their customers, make wiser trading decisions and provide a superior level of customer service.

Our unique software solutions are designed to enhance key aspects of the sell-side fixed income workflow. Our vision for the modern fixed-income trading floor is a synthesis of technology with people, allowing individuals to keep doing what they do, only better. Where technology has often been synonymous with disintermediating the traditional sales and trading role, we believe the future will belong to firms that intelligently deploy software in support of existing relationships and expertise.

Our solutions make everyone on the desk an "A" player without requiring changes in workflow or habits while complementing the dominant Bloomberg presence on the fixed income desk. Traders and salespeople do exactly what they do today, but the only difference is that they are aided with a software tool that never misses opportunities to trade.

From traders and salespeople to research analysts, management and IT, CodeStreet offers a set of solutions that work together to further the goal of doing more riskless and risk reducing business:

Empower TRADERS and SALESPEOPLE with CodeStreet Teamwork™

Empower MANAGERS with CodeStreet CRM+

Empower RESEARCH and E-COMMERCE teams with CodeStreet Market Data Integrator™

Empower MARKET DATA and IT TEAMS with CodeStreet Market Data Works™ and ReplayService™

Founded in 2003, CodeStreet's products are trusted at 11 of the top 20 banks in the world.

To find out more about how we can help build a more profitable fixed income sales and trading business, contact us at or call +1 646.442.2800. We're here to help you do more trades.

CodeStreet's solutions are designed to provide a competitive edge for all constituencies within our fixed income broker-dealer customer base.

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