Market Data Works Suite

Market Data Works is the industry standard suite of market data test and development tools

A modern development environment for building market data consuming applications.

Allows market data administrators and engineers to monitor latency across their market data infrastructure.

Makes capturing market data in a relational database simple.

Extends the capabilities of TIBCO Rendezvous™ by providing critical record and replay capabilities.

ReplayService™ Overview

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Market Data Works: Allows Thomson Reuters customers to record TREP data or import Tick History data and then view, replay, and transform that data to create and debug very specific market data scenarios.

  • Automated application testing
    Market Data Works allows development groups to build automated regression suites to test the market data aspects of their application. MDW allows repeated application of a preceise market data scenario, allowing for measurment of an expected response.
  • Stress Testing
    Market Data Works allows market data scenarios to be applied at variable rates from single stepping market data to hundreds of thousands of updatds/sec.
  • Scenario creation
    Market Data Works allows recorded market data to be modified and replayed, allowing for various market scenarios to be contrived.
  • Testing Latency in TREP
    Market Data Works allows users to test TREP system and exchange latency under various load conditions.
  • Capture data for development
    Market Data Works can be used to capture market data for every imaginable need: data quality, business analytics, algorithm development, and testing. Data can bepplaced in a database, CSV file or accessed via Java or C++ APIs/RFA.
  • Remote Development
    Market Data Works allows development teams to work away from the market data infrastructure, with Market Data Works replacing feed and market data infrastructure. Data can be recorded in one location and moved simply to another location for replay.
  • Capacity planning for Market Data Infrastructure
    Market Data Works allows users to stress test their market data infrastructure to examine capacity issues. Market Data Works can drive the hub at hundreds of thousands of updates per second.
  • Back Testing Algorithms
    Market Data Works mimics a complete Reuters Market Data Platform, allowing users to back test against real market scenarios. Perhaps more importantly, customers are using MDW to test the implementation of the programs themselvs using the regression capabilities to build robust applications quickly.