Market Data Warehouse

Market Data Warehouse makes capturing market data in a relational database simple. Its role is to be the logical starting point for any project that requires market data to be stored for subsequent processing by a user or software application. When an enterprise-wide solution is not appropriate for a modest sized project, Market Data Warehouse is the simple and straight-forward answer for capturing market data for subsequent processing.

Market Data Warehouse can significantly reduce development costs when widely deployed throughout the organization by eliminating the endless custom codebases that arise for the purposes of capturing and storing market data.

Most often, custom development is the approach to collecting the desired market data subset for typical projects involving market data. But when the project's scope grows to include fault tolerance and around the clock operation, the complexity and costs can explode. With Market Data Warehouse, a scalable, affordable, and redundant solution exists out of the box that can be fully operational in minutes.

Market Data Warehouse provides the best of both worlds in terms of performance and reliability. The high-performance Market Data Works Recording Backbone can capture extremely high burst rates, while Market Data Warehouse throttles the data so that the database is not overloaded.

Market Data Warehouse Key Benefits

  • Real time persistence of the data
  • No single points of failure for fault tolerant deployments
  • Allows for an arbitrarily complex database schema for persisting data in relational form.
  • Computes Open, High, Low, Close and Volume interval data
  • Supports any JDBC compliant database or csv file format
  • Runs on Linux, Solaris or Windows

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