Market Data Studio

Market Data Studio is a modern development environment for building market data consuming applications. It is used to create specific market data scenarios that can be replayed for testing purposes.

Market Data Studio brings market data development into the modern software world. It allows market data to be replayed to an application in an automated manner at specified update rates.

With Market Data Studio, gone are the days when an application would fail under heavy market conditions. Gone are the days when you could not test after market hours. Gone are the days when you could not test against particular scenarios of interest. Gone are the days when you had to be connected to a market data distribution platform to test.

When replaying data, Market Data Studio mimics an entire RMDS infrastructure. Applications to be tested are driven directly by Market Data Studio without the need for a market data distribution platform. In addition, it provides more control than a real TREP/RMDS system, in that replayed data can be paused, single-stepped, or accelerated to assist in testing and debugging of trading logic.

Market Data Studio makes contriving, applying and analyzing market data scenarios trivial. Whereas in the past you needed to be a programmer to interrogate and understand market data, now it's simple. The solution allows for various market data scenarios to be created on demand by modifying recorded data or simply contriving entirely new scenarios. Error conditions, market spikes, data corruption and “black swan” events can all be simulated and applied to applications with ease.

Market Data Studio Key Benefits

  • Significantly reduces development costs by shortening time to market and making developers more efficient
  • Mimics a complete TREP/RMDS environment (ADS/P2PS, RTIC or EED/RDF)
  • Allows users to build and apply specific market data conditions
  • Will replay data recorded by the Market Data Backbone or imported from csv file or from Thomson Reuters Tick History
  • Simple to use wizards for building test scenarios
  • Runs on Linux, Windows and Solaris

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