Capacity Planning for RMDS

With advanced stress-testing and latency-monitoring capabilities, Market Data Metrics is a simple, low-cost solution for any organization needing to conduct capacity planning on its market data distribution infrastructure and applications.

By leveraging this integrated solution, firms will be able to use latency as the criteria for evaluating the performance of their infrastructure under specific stress conditions. Indeed, though firms have invested heavily to reduce their latency, the means to verify, test, and plan for future market data volumes remain primitive. Codestreet's integrated capacity planning and latency monitoring environment allows market data administrators to simulate market conditions at specific loads, benchmark observed latencies at these loads, and monitor latencies all the way through to the desktop.

Market Data Metrics stress-tests TREP/RMDS infrastructure by simulating a high-update rate feed handler. It can replay recorded market data at specified update rates up to hundreds of thousands of updates per second. While applying these stress tests, the tool allows operators to monitor latency across their entire infrastructure. Because Market Data Metrics monitors latency all the way through the APIs, the latency observed will reflect what user applications are likely to experience under similar load.

Market Data Metrics tool is an easy-to-use, completely wizard-driven solution. With Market Data Metrics, administrators can plan regular automated regression testing of their market data environments, finally gaining a simple means of ensuring that their infrastructures will perform at anticipated market data rates.

Market Data Metrics includes the following capacity-planning and latency-monitoring functions:

  • The ability to replay recorded data at hundreds of thousands of updates per second into TREP/RMDS.
  • Latency monitoring between points on the distribution infrastructure.
  • Latency Audit tools designed for storing and reviewing latency measurements at various data rates.
  • Alert functions for notifying administrators when latency limits are exceeded.
  • Charting functions for creating instant graphs of latency and data rates.

With its included wizards, Market Data Metrics streamlines the process of setting up capacity planning tests and running them in a repeatable and automated manner. No hardware or additional software is required; even users without a background in market data can run capacity planning tests within minutes.

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