Codestreet and Thomson Reuters have teamed up to make ReplayService™ a reality for TREP/RMDS users and application developers.

How We Help

Technical Support

ReplayService™ for TREP simulates an entire Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform or Market Data System (TREP/RMDS). Applications to be tested are driven directly by ReplayService™ for TREP without the need for a market data distribution platform. In addition, it provides more control than a real TREP/RMDS system, in that replayed data can be paused, single-stepped, or accelerated to assist in testing and debugging of trading logic.

Having a complete record of all market data updates within the infrastructure makes analyzing reported market data issues a snap. Not only can the content be reviewed, but the exact timing relationships between updates can be reproduced.


  • Reproduce production failures: Market data administrators can record data from Market Open to Market Close, and when a significant event occurs, the production failure can be reproduced and resolved more efficiently.
  • Analyze and resolve market data content issues: ReplayService™ for TREP allows development groups to build automated regression suites to test the market data aspects of their application. ReplayService™ for TREP allows repeated application of an identical market data scenario, allowing for measurement of an expected response.
  • Stress Test infrastructure capacity and latency: Avoid application failures by simulating high data rates. ReplayService™ for TREP allows market data scenarios to be applied at variable rates — from single stepping market data to hundreds of thousands of updates/sec.
  • Compare data from different feeds: ReplayService™ for TREP allows a market data administrator, developer, or QA professional to record data from IDN and Elektron and compare the data integrity on both feeds. See Comparing IDN data with Elektron data for more information.

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