Codestreet and Thomson Reuters have teamed up to make ReplayService™ a reality for TREP/RMDS users and application developers.

How We Help

Risk and Compliance Officers

ReplayService™ for TREP simulates an entire Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform or Market Data System (TREP/RMDS). Applications to be tested are driven directly by ReplayService™ for TREP without the need for a market data distribution platform. In addition, ReplayService™ for TREP provides more control than a real TREP/RMDS system, in that replayed data can be paused, single-stepped, or accelerated to assist in testing and debugging of risk calculation logic. Data can also be modified to create various market data scenarios.

Having the ability to test applications under various contrived edge conditions allows organizations to test for “black swan” events and make sure that their applications behave as intended. Various scenarios including error conditions, bad data, unusual market behavior and various data rates can all be created and applied to applications.

Benefits beyond developing and testing

Regulatory Compliance:  Supports compliance, audit and regulatory requirements by preserving a precise and replayable record of market conditions at the time of trading activity. Enables IT compliance to avoid production issues and associated costs by using precise market data scenarios to test rather than random market data.


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