Codestreet and Thomson Reuters have teamed up to make ReplayService™ a reality for TREP/RMDS users and application developers.

How We Help

Market Data Managers & Administrators

Codestreet's ReplayService™ for TREP has become the standard development and test facility when working with Thomson Reuters market data. ReplayService™ for TREP is used in a variety of development scenarios to test applications and infrastructure and analyze market data content.

ReplayService™ for TREP dramatically improves efficiency when working with data flowing on a Thomson Reuters market data platform. The software allows for various market data scenarios to be recorded, analyzed and replayed on demand, while providing the ability to modify the data content as well as adjust the timing of the data. ReplayService™ for TREP simulates a Thomson Reuters market data platform when replaying, so that applications under test can connect to ReplayService™ for TREP and do not require a market data platform.

Tick by tick and dollar by dollar, market data has become one of the steadiest-and stealthiest-drains on today's technology budgets.

With the easy savings already realized through vendor management and careful subscription monitoring, it's time to tackle the rampant structural inefficiency and unnecessary expenditure around market data.

Sources of Market Data Waste

  • Using live feeds for development/QA test data
  • Paying exchange fees for developers and testers
  • Unnecessary market data distribution platforms for development and QA and associated network and admin costs
  • Overly complex and expensive solutions for latency monitoring
  • Wasted custom development building tick-capture solutions
  • Remarkably inefficient development practices around market data
  • Codestreet has worked to solve these problems with a suite of market data tools that are rapidly becoming recognized as paradigm changing within the market data world.
  • Each of Codestreet’s market data solutions addresses one or more sources of wasted expense. When used together, enormous cumulative savings accrue by transforming the way the financial community views, develops, tests, captures and measures market data.


  • Migration exercises: Help move applications from legacy platforms, such as RDF and RMDS to Elektron Edge Devices and Enterprise Platform for Real-Time.
  • Testing Latency in TREP/RMDS: ReplayService™ for TREP allows users to test TREP/RMDS system latency under various load conditions.
  • Capacity planning for Market Data Infrastructure: ReplayService™ for TREP allows users to stress test their market data infrastructure to examine capacity issues. ReplayService™ for TREP can drive the hub at hundreds of thousands of updates per second.
  • Disaster recovery and contingency sites: Provide development data to remote sites that have no feeds.

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