Codestreet and Thomson Reuters have teamed up to make ReplayServiceâ„¢ a reality for TREP/RMDS users and application developers.

How We Help

Debugging your Market Data Applications

DevStudio allows the user to start a replay in Debug Mode and then do things like step through updates tick by tick, set breakpoints and replay to them, injecting various status messages into the replay stream, along with modifying FIDs and replaying the modified values on the fly.

ReplayServiceTM for TREP can now start replay in Debug Mode. Replying in Debug Mode gives the user more dynamic, real-time control over when the data will be published, the values to be published, and the speed in which the data is replayed.

ReplayServiceTM for TREP DevStudio gives users a way to the following:

  • Construct various market data scenarios on demand
  • Accelerate the data feed and stress test their applications
  • Inject error conditions
  • Build automated tests
  • Modify data to be injected into the stream
  • Single-step through the data and set breakpoints

By creating these very specific market data scenarios, Developers and QA professionals can replay to their application the exact data and format that their applications are expecting.

With its included wizard, ReplayServiceTM for TREP makes it easy to set up specific market data debug scenarios with just a few mouse-clicks. No hardware or additional software is required; even users without a background in market data can have market data deburg scenarios running on their desktops within seconds.

ReplayServiceTM for TREP can debug both updates and snapshots in OMM and Marketfeed formats coming from IDN and Elektron.

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