Codestreet and Thomson Reuters have teamed up to make ReplayService™ a reality for TREP/RMDS users and application developers.

How We Help

Application Development & Quality Assurance

ReplayService™ for TREP simulates a Thomson Reuters Market Data System (TREP/RMDS). Applications to be tested are driven directly by ReplayService™ without the need for a market data distribution platform. In addition, ReplayService™ provides more control than a real TREP/RMDS system, in that replayed data can be paused, single-stepped, or accelerated to assist in testing and debugging of trading logic.


Developing with market data can be a frustrating and inefficient experience. Exchanges shut down at 4pm, scenarios of interest are transient and can't be repeated on demand, stress testing your application requires custom test infrastructure and validating your logic under various market data conditions is not practical.

Codestreet has helped solve these problems and make market data developers more efficient. With ReplayService™ developers can:

  • Construct various market data scenarios on demand
  • Accelerate the data feed and stress test their applications
  • Inject error conditions
  • Build automated tests
  • Modify data to be injected into the stream
  • Single-step through the data and set breakpoints

Quality Assurance

For market data application Quality Assurance testers there is no easy way to build automated regression test harnesses. ReplayService™ solves this problem by allowing Market Data QA engineers to construct precise, repeatable market data scenarios and replay them on demand for use in building automated and manual regression test suites.

Using Codestreet's ReplayService™ for TREP tool, QA engineers are provided the equivalent of an entire market data distribution platform under their control. Whether you are away from the network, in a remote location or simply working on your laptop, with ReplayService™ for TREP you to have market data 24/7. Not only is the data always available, but you can easily modify the data to create scenarios of interest or accelerate and slow down the data to create stress test conditions.

  • Eliminate Exchange Fees: ReplayService™ for TREP simulates an RDF, Elektron Edge Device, ADS/P2PS, or an RTIC. Using recorded data or importing data from Thomson Reuters Tick history allows your entire user community (developers, QA professionals, business users, and/or risk managers) to work using previously recorded data and avoid paying exchange fees.
  • Dramatically improve developer productivity: Developers have 24/7 access to market data away from the network and can create scenarios of interest on demand by modifying the market data.
  • Test for infrequent or "black swan" market data scenarios: By archiving daily recordings or by integrating with Thomson Reuters Tick History, significant events can be reproduced with ReplayService™ for TREP on demand.
  • Validate and Back Test trading algorithms: Allows users to back test against real market scenarios.
  • Reduce production failures: Market data administrators can record data from Market Open to Market Close so that when a significant event occurs, the production failure can be reproduced and resolved more efficiently.
  • Analyze and resolve market data issues: ReplayService™ for TREP allows development groups to build automated regression suites to test the market data aspects of their application. ReplayService™ for TREP allows repeated application of an identical market data scenario, allowing for measurement of an expected response.
  • Stress Test infrastructure capacity and latency: Avoid application failures by simulating high data rates. RS-TREP allows market data scenarios to be applied at variable rates — from single stepping market data to hundreds of thousands of updates/sec.
  • Compare data from different feeds: ReplayService™ for TREP allows a market data administrator, developer, or QA professional to record data from IDN and Elektron and compare the data between both feeds.
  • Remote Development: ReplayService™ for TREP allows development teams to work away from the market data infrastructure, with ReplayService™ for TREP replacing feed and market data infrastructure. Data can be recorded in one location and easily moved to another location for replay.

Why ReplayService™ for TREP over a delayed feed

  • Repeatedly replay market data scenarios
  • Timing relationships between updates preserved
  • Inject current system time into the data
  • Market scenarios can be created by modifying existing data
  • Inject error and failure conditions
  • Accelerate update rates for stress testing
  • Pause, single step and run until features
  • Less expensive
  • Greater developer productivity
  • Automated regression testing

Benefits beyond developing and testing

  • Regulatory Compliance: Supports compliance audit and regulatory requirements by preserving a precise and replayable record of market conditions at the time of trading activity. Enables IT compliance to avoid production issues and associated costs.
  • Sales and Support Training: Perform product demonstrations using recorded market data without requiring a Thomson Reuters Market Data platform.

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