ReplayService™ for Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform

ReplayService™ for Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform is the industry standard QA and Development environment for users of Thomson Reuters market data.

Capture & Replay Data

Record data from TREP or import from Thomson Reuters Tick History and replay that data into your infrastructure.

View, Transform
& Compare Data

View each market data message, transform the message based on specific scenarios, and compare both Marketfeed and OMM data coming from TREP/RMDS or RDF/EED.

Capture & Replay Data

Debug Market Data Apps

Using the DevStudio feature, dynamically set breakpoints, insert status messages, and modify FID values in the replay stream on the fly.

ReplayService™ Overview

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ReplayService™ for TREP: ReplayService™ for TREP simulates a complete market data infrastructure, publishing previously recorded market data updates to subscribing applications upon request. provides Thomson Reuters Tick History samples for import into ReplayService™. is a website for Thomson Reuters' Tick History market data and Codestreet's ReplayService™ for TREP to obtain Tick History market data samples for testing and developing with ReplayService™.

  • Automated application testing
    RS-TREP allows development groups to build automated regression suites to test the market data aspects of their application. ReplayService™ allows repeated application of precise market data scenarios, allowing for validation of an expected response.
  • Stress Testing
    RS-TREP allows market data scenarios to be applied at variable rates — from single stepping market data to hundreds of thousands of updates/sec.
  • Scenario creation
    RS-TREP allows recorded market data to be modified and replayed, allowing for various market scenarios to be contrived.
  • Testing Latency in TREP
    RS-TREP allows users to test TREP system latency under various load conditions.
  • Capture data for development
    RS-TREP can be used to capture market data for every imaginable need: data quality, business analytics, algorithm development, and testing. Data can be placed in a database, CSV file or accessed via Java or C++ APIs/RFA.
  • Remote Development
    RS-TREP allows development teams to work away from the market data infrastructure, with ReplayService™ replacing feed and market data infrastructure. Data can be recorded in one location and moved simply to another location for replay.
  • Capacity planning for Market Data Infrastructure
    RS-TREP allows users to stress test their market data infrastructure to examine capacity issues. ReplayService™ can drive the hub at hundreds of thousands of updates per second.
  • Back Testing Algorithms
    RS-TREP mimics a complete Reuters Market Data Platform, allowing users to back test against real market scenarios. Perhaps more importantly, customers are using RS-TREP to test the implementation of the programs themselves using the regression capabilities to build robust applications quickly.