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Message Rate Statistics

Codestreet ReplayService™ generates on-demand statistics of total or per-channel metrics, and can export these as chart diagrams, CSV files or simple text files. Supported metrics are: number of messages, recording rates, accumulated message sizes, values of JMS headers or values of JMS MapMessage fields.

Automatically creating message rate statistics through ReplayShell scripts, for example once a day, is a convenient way to quantify and monitor the messaging system’s capacity requirements. Comparing the statistics of different JMS destinations can give valuable insights into the actual usage of the distributed system.

Since the statistics use the time-based indexing of the data storage, and are only generated on-demand, their creation is light-weight and only performed when requested without superfluous performance impact.

Statistics can be very focused, spanning only a couple of seconds or be executed over the entire datastore, showing for example the message rates, of individual days, months, or years.


  • Compare new XSD against previous XML structure
  • Replay a whole day to a new version of the application with the original or 2x/4x the speed
  • Simpler Store-and-Forward Delivery Message senders and consumers can operate at their own message rates without pre-registration of consumers.
  • Application State Recovery Simplifies building fault-tolerance and state recovery into applications.
  • Reference Data Distribution Applications throughout the enterprise automatically receive reference data updates, so there is no need to centralize data access or struggle with complex replication schemes.
  • Auditing of Business Activity ReplayService records information moving within the enterprise, so it's easy to maintain activity logs for business and regulatory purposes.
  • Functional and Performance Testing of Applications Application performance can be tested by varying the replay rate and by simulating a live stream.
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) ReplayService gathers the data required for complex Business Activity Monitoring, so there is no need for re-architecting.
  • Simple record and replay capabilities provides messages on demand.
  • Content of messages can be easily manipulated
  • Provides extensive flow control. Replays messages at any flat rate or as a function of the original message spacing.
  • Guarantees message order — messages from a given group of channels are always forwarded/replayed in the same sequence in which they were recorded.
  • Replayed messages can be selected by specifying a group of channels, topics or queues, and by additional criteria such as JMS message selectors.

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