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Audit Message Streams

Regulatory agencies require many institutions to audit messaging activity. Typically, auditing involves a heavyweight process of passing transaction traffic through a specific service to extract and persist the data. Frequently, these auditing functions are custom-built, with a high maintenance burden and a rigid set of features. Critical timing relationships of related data usually cannot be fully recovered by these ad hoc methods, and database solutions will have difficulties with the ever increasing messaging rates.

Codestreet ReplayService™ is lightweight, non-intrusive, and its recording performance is only limited by the disk’s write performance. Codestreet ReplayService™ persists messages from within the messaging infrastructure as opposed to from within applications, making the applications simpler to build, maintain, and administer. ReplayService™ records all JMS message properties, not just the message content, making it an ideal tool to investigate the state of the messaging system as whole, at any given time.

Its ability to accurately replay related messages traveling on different streams in strictly repeatable order allows auditors to examine transactions within the specific application context in which they occurred. ReplayService™'s high-performance and multiple playback features make it an ideal platform on which to base a complete enterprise auditing service.

Codestreet ReplayService™ supports up to 2 exabytes of storage with no extra configuration required. Data storage can be purged while recording or replaying, manually or automatically. Data storage files can be easily copied and moved, allowing more sophisticated analysis or persistence to be performed in remote environments.


  • Compare new XSD against previous XML structure
  • Replay a whole day to a new version of the application with the original or 2x/4x the speed
  • Simpler Store-and-Forward Delivery Message senders and consumers can operate at their own message rates without pre-registration of consumers.
  • Application State Recovery Simplifies building fault-tolerance and state recovery into applications.
  • Reference Data Distribution Applications throughout the enterprise automatically receive reference data updates, so there is no need to centralize data access or struggle with complex replication schemes.
  • Auditing of Business Activity ReplayService records information moving within the enterprise, so it's easy to maintain activity logs for business and regulatory purposes.
  • Functional and Performance Testing of Applications Application performance can be tested by varying the replay rate and by simulating a live stream.
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) ReplayService gathers the data required for complex Business Activity Monitoring, so there is no need for re-architecting.
  • Simple record and replay capabilities provides messages on demand.
  • Content of messages can be easily manipulated
  • Provides extensive flow control. Replays messages at any flat rate or as a function of the original message spacing.
  • Guarantees message order — messages from a given group of channels are always forwarded/replayed in the same sequence in which they were recorded.
  • Replayed messages can be selected by specifying a group of channels, topics or queues, and by additional criteria such as JMS message selectors.

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