Market Data Integrator

Market Data Integrator is the industry standard for publishing market data to the Bloomberg Platform

Define data to be published

Identify financial market information to be distributed within your firm and to your employees, customers, partners, or investors.

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Publish data to the
Bloomberg Platform

With a few simple clicks, publish data from any source across the Bloomberg Platform.

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View data on the Bloomberg Professional Terminal

Consume the data in the Bloomberg Professional Terminal, Excel or Bloomberg API.

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    Market Data Integrator: Publish your own data across the Bloomberg Platform and consume it via the Bloomberg Terminal, Excel, or the Bloomberg OpenAPI.

    • Consolidating the Desktop
      In the present market environment, cost-cutting is a priority of every market data professional. MDI allows consolidation of applications on the desktop, so data that previously required an additional application can now be viewed within Bloomberg.
    • Using the Bloomberg Platform for financial data distribution
      MDI enables sharing internal data such as research, pricing and positions across a desk or with customers via Bloomberg. For example, research groups can publish real-time research directly to customers, while sales desks and traders have a simple way to share internal pricing and positions.
    • Making your own data available via the Bloomberg API
      Using MDI, users can make available their own internal data to be processed via the Bloomberg Server API and Excel Macros just as if the data originated from Bloomberg. With this capability, users can create applications and spreadsheets that source all their data off the Bloomberg API, both pricing data originating from Bloomberg and other internal data such as positions, P&L analytics.

      With a consolidated API, other delivery channels - which cost time and money to maintain - can be eliminated, freeing up valuable time for developers to focus on alpha generating projects.

    • Subscribing and republishing derived data
      MDI enables firms to subscribe to data from Bloomberg, produce derived data, and then republish this derived data across the Bloomberg Platform. All of this can be accomplished in a simple, wizard driven manner with elegant remote monitoring capabilities.