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Bloomberg has recently enabled the Bloomberg terminal to display data coming from outside the Bloomberg system. Codestreet's Market Data Integrator is the first commercially available solution to take advantage of this remarkable new capability by providing a simple means for users to publish a wide variety of data for viewing in the Bloomberg terminal.

For research analysts in today's environment, doing the work is only half the battle. Getting your research in front of the right eyes is a struggle that starts from the moment it's completed - and with the buy side being inundated with information, getting it read by your customers is no easy feat. Across the market, analysts face the same bad options: Low-tech distribution lists make sending your research easy enough, but you're at the mercy of your recipients' inboxes once it leaves. Some firms have adopted dedicated technology to broadcast research - but that means adding another layer of indirection between your audience and your work and hoping that your customer has the bandwidth to process yet another information source, yet another window on their desktops.

Now, imagine a conduit that delivers your analysis directly to the platform that is already running, right now, on the screen of every one of your customers - Bloomberg.

Publish your research via Bloomberg

For years publishing research via Bloomberg was only possible in limited ways - for Bloomberg ran a closed system, so that you could only show your data via messaging or in certain proscribed ways. But Bloomberg have recently, and dramatically, opened the terminal to outside data, which can now reach any of nearly 300,000 installed users. Now your research can be shown right alongside core Bloomberg functionality, and can be available to use with their analytics, graphing and historical functions. Codestreet has developed the first commercially available solution that allows research groups to publish research, recommended lists, capital analysis and other data so that it can be seen by the broader Bloomberg community within their terminals. Codestreet's Market Data Integrator allows you to distribute any data you choose directly to selected Bloomberg users, turning the world's largest and most robust financial-services network into a broadcasting channel for your own business.

For research teams, the consequences will be particularly transformative. By simply changing the way you distribute your research, you'll upend the competitive matrix and strengthen your relationships with your customers. Market Data Integrator makes possible a remarkable range of functionality:

  • Leverage the largest distribution platform in the world: With the opening of Bloomberg, your research can be published in real-time to any target audience - not only to colleagues across the firm but also to any of the nearly 300,000 installed terminals worldwide. Whether internal or external, permissioned users will see your research just as they would any data from Bloomberg itself; the connection is seamless and requires no additional software on the client's side.
  • Eliminate the inefficiencies of email or web channels: Today, distributing research means emailing it or putting it up on your web site. When you email it, you get one crack at them reading it - and if they miss it, your effort is wasted. With web publication, no one knows it's there and customers are loathe to leave their familiar environment to start exploring new web sites.
  • Publishing your research via Bloomberg: Your research is always available and always updated real-time and most importantly, available within the context of which your clients are already working.
  • Directly access the Bloomberg API: Bloomberg integration promises more than simple distribution. Your research becomes part of the data accessible through the Bloomberg API, allowing custom applications and Excel macros to source it directly alongside other data from Bloomberg. So you can have your data within your client's applications and models!

Transform the Distribution, Not the Research

Of course, all the time and cost savings of Bloomberg integration would be wasted if your research required special, laborious preparation before being distributed across Bloomberg. For this reason, Market Data Integrator works directly with all basic data formats you already use - and offers the flexibility to accept new sources as they become available. Research can be fed through Bloomberg from any of the following:

  • CSV or plain text file: Use a simple text file to render data exactly as you want it to appear.
  • Excel workbook: Dynamic linking allows any changes you make to worksheets, cells, or formulas to be published to Bloomberg in real-time. As you work on a local file, all subscribers to your research are simultaneously updated.
  • Database: Research can be extracted from a relational database table for one-time publishing to Bloomberg, or pushed out in real-time whenever a change is made.
  • Custom applications: With a custom application publishing interface, Codestreet's Market Data Integrator is able to take data from your proprietary applications and make it available on Bloomberg. So your models can now make their conclusions available in real-time for your customers. Amazing!


  • Consolidating the desktop
  • Using Bloomberg as a distribution platform
  • Making your own data available via the Bloomberg OpenAPI.
  • Publish the following type of data with a few simple clicks:
    • Financially enriched data computed within Market Data Integrator, such as implied spreads or composite prices.
    • Third-party data or internal real-time data from other non-Bloomberg market data platforms while enforcing all entitlement obligations.
    • Data from custom applications.
    • Updates in real-time from Excel spreadsheets.
    • FIX based offering and pricing data
    • Record-based data from relational databases
    • Data from CSV or plain text files.
    • You could even publish your lunch menu in real-time for access via Bloomberg!

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