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Even before your desk gets to compete on price, your basic challenge today is getting customers to notice your offerings at all. With the buy-side surrounded by growing noise, can you be confident that your customers will notice your research or offerings if you deliver them over the cacophony of similar web-based and e-mail tools offered by competitors?

Ironically, standing out in this environment will mean finding a way to fit in - to reach customers where they actually spend their time without requiring any proprietary, stand-alone vehicle, such as messaging, email, multi-dealer portal or web infrastructure. The ideal alternative? A conduit that delivers your information directly to the application that is open, right now, on the desktops of every one of your customers - Bloomberg.

Publish to the Bloomberg Terminal ... All of Them!

The ideal destination, of course, has always been getting your information into the Bloomberg terminal where your customer spends his time. For years this was impossible-for Bloomberg ran a closed system, so that you could only show your data via messaging or in limited ways. But Bloomberg have recently, and dramatically, opened the terminal to outside data, which can now reach any of nearly 300,000 installed users. Now your data can be shown right alongside Bloomberg's own pricing, and can be available to use with their analytics, graphing and historical functions. Codestreet has developed the first commercially available solution that allows e-commerce groups to publish research, offerings, pricing and a wide array of other data so that it can be seen by the broader Bloomberg community within their terminals. Codestreet Market Data Integrator allows firms to distribute any data they choose directly to selected Bloomberg users, turning the world's largest and most robust financial-services network into a broadcasting channel for their own business.

For e-commerce teams, the consequences will be particularly transformative. By simply changing the way you distribute information, you'll upend the competitive matrix and strengthen your relationships with your customers. Market Data Integrator makes possible a remarkable range of functionality:

  • Publishing offerings via Bloomberg: Whatever system is currently being used to manage your offerings and pricing, Market Data Integrator can make that information immediately accessible to all Bloomberg users. Have your data show up in ALLQ, on GDCO pages or GPGX pages or your own custom pages. Your customers will know they have the latest pricing from you in a form they want to view it.
  • Publish research via Bloomberg: With the ability to allow the buy-side to see your data within their Bloomberg terminals, the need to build and maintain custom applications to feed research information to your clients is eliminated. As you pass information to your customers through Bloomberg, your business will naturally migrate closer and closer to the center of their awareness. Against competitors that choose to maintain and expand custom applications, you'll save more than just development and tech support costs. With Market Data Integrator, a crucial layer of indirection is stripped away making your information easy to access: As long as Bloomberg is running, you will be able to get your research, hot tip lists, models and analytics in front of your customers in the easily accessible form they want to see them.
  • Make your data available via the Bloomberg API: Once you establish Bloomberg as a distribution platform, your axes, quotes, and research become part of the data accessible through the Bloomberg API-you and your customers will, for the first time, be able to build custom applications and Excel macros that directly source your real-time updates. Imagine that - having your customers use your data within their custom applications!
  • For end-users, your data is indistinguishable from Bloomberg's pricing and analytics-dramatically lowering the barriers for incorporating it into everyday decision-making. Customers will become increasingly responsive to your information, because it's offered in a format already primed for dissection, calculation, and interpretation.

Publish from any source

Market Data Integrator can publish data from a wide variety of sources:

  • CSV or plain text file: Use a simple text file to render data exactly as you want it to appear.
  • Excel workbook: Dynamic linking allows any changes you make to worksheets, cells, or formulas to be published to Bloomberg in real-time. As you work on a local file, all subscribers to your research are simultaneously updated.
  • Database: Research can be extracted from a relational database table for one-time publishing to Bloomberg, or pushed out in real-time whenever a change is made.
  • Proprietary and/or third-party data: If you currently distribute specialized data to your customers that originates from elsewhere within or outside the firm on market data platforms such as RMDS, this too can be rerouted through Bloomberg. Rich permissioning controls ensure access to each of these datasets is limited to entitled users.
  • Custom applications: With Market Data Integrator's custom publishing interface - allowing almost any application to publish to Bloomberg - you and your technology team are limited only by imagination when looking to leverage the new Bloomberg capability.

Get Ahead of the Curve

As the world discovers the ability to publish proprietary data via the Bloomberg network, the advantages of being first will fade. Those who have captured their customer's attention with their Bloomberg based data will have the advantage in terms of training their customers to look for their data on certain pages and services. Codestreet can help you get started publishing on the Bloomberg network right away.


Publish the following type of data with a few simple clicks:

  • Financially enriched data computed within Market Data Integrator, such as implied spreads or composite prices.
  • Third-party data or internal real-time data from other non-Bloomberg market data platforms while enforcing all entitlement obligations.
  • Data from custom applications.
  • Updates in real-time from Excel spreadsheets.
  • FIX based offering and pricing data
  • Record-based data from relational databases
  • Data from CSV or plain text files.
  • You could even publish your lunch menu in real-time for access via Bloomberg!
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