ReplayService™ for TREP

ReplayService™ for TREP is the industry standard QA and Development environment for users of Thomson Reuters market data.

Market Data Works

Comprised of Studio, Metrics, Warehouse, and now ReplayService™ for RV, this suite provides multiple capabilities for improving testing, development, and administration of market data.

ReplayService™ for JMS

ReplayService™ for JMS is the industry leading record and replay solution for messaging middleware.

Market Data Integrator

Market Data Integrator is the industry standard for publishing market data to the Bloomberg Platform.

  • ReplayService™ Overview

  • Market Data Integrator Overview


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    • ReplayService™ for TREP: ReplayService™ for TREP simulates a complete market data infrastructure, publishing previously recorded market data updates to subscribing applications upon request. provides Thomson Reuters Tick History samples for import into ReplayService™. is a website for Thomson Reuters' Tick History market data and Codestreet's ReplayService™ for TREP to obtain Tick History market data samples for testing and developing with ReplayService™.

    • Market Data Works: Allows Thomson Reuters customers to record TREP data or import Tick History data and then view, replay, and transform that data to create and debug very specific market data scenarios.
    • ReplayService™ for JMS: ReplayService™ for JMS provides critical record and replay functionality for JMS messaging systems such as TIBCO EMS
    • Market Data Integrator: Publish your own data across the Bloomberg Platform and consume it via the Bloomberg Terminal, Excel, or the Bloomberg OpenAPI.