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Sample clients across all our solutions

"Teamwork is the single biggest contributor to our productivity on the desk. Not only does it add revenue, but without it, we would be at a clear competitive disadvantage to CodeStreet's other customers."

-Head of U.S. Credit Sales

"Teamwork is so valuable that we will not pay sales credit to a salesperson unless they are capturing their client inquiries in the system."

-Head of FI Sales & Trading

"Teamwork has improved my business dramatically. I routinely get more than 5 trades a month because of Portfolio Match messages."

-HG salesperson at bulge bracket firm

"My accounts now give me a ton more orders and we are actively in their flow of business. We went from being off the radar with them to having a lot more executed trades."

-Credit Salesperson

"Prior to using CRM+ we had three different systems for account management, employee management, and production reporting. CRM+ has allowed us to manage more effectively, using one system that is user friendly."

-Director Administration & Broker Dealer

"I don't know how to say thank you but ReplayService has saved our life here in Bangkok. We should have known about this application sometime ago! CodeStreet ReplayService is the perfect solution."

-Thomson Reuters & developer
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